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Flexible, powerful and easy to use student reporting to parents. Accelerus Reporting is the nation's gold standard reporting system for progress reports, continuous reporting and semester reporting.
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Customisable Reports

With Accelerus Reporting, Xuno’s powerful reporting component, you can design customisable reports for any purpose, including unlimited graphical options.

Teachers can easily enter data and comments, including from comment banks, and administrators can easily create assessments and report designs. Create report data from formulas and colour-code outcomes, and allow teachers to enter comments for reports in any subject.

Final reports can be printed or created as PDF files, or distributed to parents electronically via Xuno Parent Portal or App, and easily access historical data and past reports.

Accelerus Reporting is used across Australia, including K-12 state schools, Catholic and Independent schools and special schools.

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Custom Rubrics and Analysis Options

Design custom rubrics that can also be viewed by parents and students in the Xuno Parent Portal.

Create comparative and longitudinal analysis of reporting and assessment data, which can be used to determine awards and even school dux.

Perform linear mappings, standardisations, weightings, z-scores, means or custom Excel-like formulas.

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Design Your Own Reports

Create your own report designs in Microsoft Word, using the Accelerus Word add-in providing access to Accelerus data, or ask us to create your report layouts for you (charges apply).

Easily include assessment data from multiple sources, including extra curricular subjects or activities. Create data from formulas and colour-code outcomes and re-use report designs in subsequent report periods.


Plus More
  • Comprehensive import and export options for easy integration with existing systems.
  • Web-based access with single sign on.
  • Used as a reporting tool by up to 25% of schools using other school systems.
  • Use alongside your existing systems or integrated with Xuno.
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Easily move data between Xuno and dozens of other systems with Xuno’s ever-growing list of integrations.

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Accelerus Features and Benefits
Why Choose Accelerus Student Reporting System?
  • Accelerus For Administrators
  • Accelerus for Teachers
  • Accelerus Light
Accelerus For Administrators

At Accelerus, we understand the needs of assessment and reporting administrators and the pressures that they face on a day-to-day basis. The process of setting up and administering school assessment and reporting can often be a time consuming and stressful task so ease of use and efficiencies in processing and printing can make the world of difference. The Accelerus program has been designed to make this process as simple as possible.

How will you benefit?
Core functionality Key Benefits
Easy to use graphical user interface. Easy to use and intuitive, with the flexibility to setting up and define your student assessment and reporting needs.
Flexible teacher access Teachers can either enter assessment results through a web interface, directly to the assessment and reporting database or via an offline file. Offline files require regular synchronisation with the database.
Customisable Security School configurable security ensures teachers only see what is relevant to their interactions with students.
Quick Setup Saves hours of work - the Quick Setup process is used to automate the set up of assessment and reporting requirements.
Assessment Items Assessment items, created for each subject, are used to define what is to be assessed and how it is to be assessed. Any number of assessment items can be created individually or in bulk.
Student Custom Properties Fields, in addition to basic student details such as names, gender, etc, can be created to store additional information about a student. These Student Custom Property fields can be used for search, print and analysis purposes.
Report Proofing Helps eliminate mistakes - the software contains a spelling and punctuation checker which can be run by individual teachers, subject coordinators or by administrators prior to printing.
Compilation of Student Reports A report in Accelerus is created by combining individual templates from each of the subjects in which a student is enrolled, into a single document.
Template Design Allows reporting administrators the greatest flexibility in structuring reports, while using a very familiar interface. Report templates are created and designed using Microsoft Word.
Report Processing Processing of student reports is extremely fast. Individual student reports are processed for printing within seconds.
Data Analysis The Analyser feature adds a powerful dimension to assessment and reporting. It allows schools to access, report on and analyse data in the Accelerus database in accordance with a school's unique requirements.
Skilled Support Our support team are leaders in the industry and are committed to supporting our customers over the phone, via email or the web.
Accelerus for Teachers

The role of a teacher today is challenging. Accelerus has been designed to make the task of assessment and reporting as easy and effortless as possible, saving valuable time and helping teachers get back to the job of teaching students and making a difference!

How will you benefit?
Core functionality Key Benefits
Photographs Student photographs are available while entering results which makes identification of students easier.
Shared Teaching Multiple teachers can be allocated to the same class in a shared teaching scenario, thereby allowing each of them to receive a copy of the same class and work independently when entering results.
Offline and web based access Flexibility for results to be entered either at school or away from school. Teachers can enter results directly into the assessment and reporting database, via a web interface or into an offline file.
Colour-coding Teachers can colour-code their assessment items which provides a visual clue as to what they are assessing and provides the ability to group assessment items.
Custom Items It’s easy for teachers to create their own class assessment items, e.g. for recording results for class tests, assignments, etc. which means all assessments are kept in one place and backed up.
Comment Banks Teachers can create their own or use school defined Comment Banks. This gives easy access to pre-defined comments which makes comment writing easier.
Accelerus Light

Accelerus Light is a simplified version of Australia’s leading software for student assessment, reporting and analysis. It has the speed and increased functionality of Accelerus but pre-configured for Victorian government schools.

Click on the links below to watch our short demonstration videos:

Why choose Accelerus Light?

Web-based interface

As a web-based application, the need to install software on every teachers' computer is eliminated. Also, the requirement for Mac users to have an additional Microsoft Windows environment is removed. Teachers simply need to have access to a recent web browser and internet connection. Accelerus even supports teachers entering assessments on an iPads.

Single database

Having all assessment and reporting data in a single database that crosses multiple semesters allows for some powerful data processing options. Student tracking and access to historic data give teachers the information they need to monitor student progress and improve learning outcomes.

Time saving

Accelerus Light offers significant time savings compared to Accelerus, including:

  • Rollover of data and configuration. No need to start from scratch every semester.
  • Simplified installation. Technicians don't need to roll out software to every teacher; upgrades are installed once on the web server.
  • Printing speed. Accelerus is between 10 and 40 times faster at collating reports than previous versions.
  • Subject and class generator. Specialist subjects and classes can be created and updated in a flash saving hours of time each semester.


While Accelerus Light is designed to constrain the raw power and flexibility of Accelerus, it still provides plenty of options for schools to adjust the assessment and reporting to match the needs of their school communities. If this still proves limiting, schools can readily upgrade to the full version of Accelerus.

Add-on functionality

Accelerus Light provides a framework for schools to manage all of their student centric reporting data. The core Accelerus Light includes all the features and requirements of the Victorian Curriculum. Additional modules can be added to the system to expand the functionality including recording of various standardised tests, personal learning goals, individual learning plans and more.


Accelerus has always enjoyed some of the best support available in the industry. Accelerus Light continues this tradition. From quality telephone support to fully documented systems to self service web support with Accelerus Light you know assistance is always available.


Accelerus Light is the ideal choice for schools who want to move to a more modern application for reporting, but still have the options available for future growth in data tracking and student management.

What Our Customers Say About Us
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Review Quote

“I would happily recommend Accelerus for producing Student Reports. Teachers find the web version very simple to use and the database has all the advanced features I need as an administrator. The support staff on…More

Pamela Green – ICT Data Administrator
Woodleigh School
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"I have been associated with Accelerus in my role as Director of ICT for over 10 years now. The landscape of student reporting is continually evolving and I have been impressed with Accelerus’ willingness to…More

Ian Steel – Director of ICT
Mazenod College
Review Quote

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your unwavering support – reports were printed and uploaded to DocMan without a hitch. Moving to Accelerus was the best decision we have made, reports look…More

Paul Menta
St Bernard's College, VIC
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