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Attendance Management
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Student Attendance Management System

A student’s presence at school is crucial to their overall growth and development. Hence, maintaining an accurate record of their attendance is of utmost importance. However, keeping track of every student’s attendance, along with managing teachers’ roll marking tasks and reporting attendance figures to parents, can get difficult for school staff. That’s where Xuno, a leading school attendance software provider in Australia, steps in.

At Xuno, we provide efficient roll marking systems and software for schools in NSW, TAS, WA, and other states in Australia. Our student attendance management system takes the load off staff, allowing them to focus on more important tasks at hand.

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Choose Xuno’s School Attendance Software?

Our roll marking system makes the task of recording attendance a lot easier for teachers. Simplifying the process, Xuno’s class attendance management system allows teachers to quickly check attendance during each class in NSW, TAS, WA, and other Australian regions.

In the first few moments of every class, instead of spending undue time on manual roll marking, teachers can swiftly complete the process using our system. This not only speeds up the roll marking process but also means that teachers can dedicate more of their time to teaching.

Another significant benefit of our roll marking system is the accuracy it offers. By using our software, human errors that may occur in the manual roll marking process can be significantly reduced.

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Suitability to the Australian Education Sector

Xuno’s student attendance management system is not just any regular attendance tracking tool, but one specifically made for the Australian education sector. This means that every feature in our system is designed with the Australian school landscape in mind.

For example, our roll marking software is designed to comply with the Australian education requirements. It is easy to use, quick, and accurate – keeping in mind the intricacies of Australian schools in NSW, TAS, WA, and other regions.

Roll Marking Software Trusted by Over 500,000 Teachers and Parents

Xuno has the most user friendly and intuitive roll marking system around. When roll marking is quick and easy, it allows staff to focus their time on teaching, as well as freeing up admin staff’s time.

No more data entry from a paper roll, even when relief teachers or specialist teachers are marking attendance. Staff can login to the website to mark the roll, or open the app on their phone or tablet.

Quickly communicate with parents when a student is absent without explanation and save time by marking the roll from the same place you read the message sent by parents.

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Why Choose Xuno for Student Attendance Management System?

Choosing Xuno for your school’s student attendance management brings with it numerous benefits:

  • Our free demo lets you explore our system and its features before making a decision.
  • Our software is in compliance with Australian education standards.
  • We host data on local Australian servers ensuring speed, security and data sovereignty.
  • We have a dedicated Australian support team, providing timely assistance.
  • Our software boosts school productivity by significantly reducing the time taken for roll marking.
Streamline Roll Making Process

Streamline Your Roll Marking Process Today

Take control of your school’s attendance management today with Xuno’s roll marking system, customised for Australian schools in NSW, TAS, WA and more. With our software, you can bid adieu to time-consuming manual roll marking and embrace a more efficient, technology-driven solution. For more information or to start your free demo, reach us at 1300 067 478. Let’s take a step towards optimising your school attendance management today.

Frequently Asked Questions
Student Attendance Management System in Australia
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What is Xuno's Student Attendance Management System?

Xuno’s Student Attendance Management System is a software designed to make the process of recording student attendance more efficient and less time-consuming. It is specifically customised for the needs of schools in NSW, TAS, WA, and other Australian states.

How does Xuno's Roll Marking System work?

Xuno’s roll marking system allows teachers to quickly and accurately record attendance during each class. Attendance marked is then updated onto the student’s record in real-time and secured in locally hosted servers in Australia. Parents can see their child’s attendance through a portal as soon as the roll is marked.

Why should I choose Xuno for the Student Attendance Management System?

Xuno offers numerous benefits including a free demo to explore the system, compliance with Australian education standards, local data hosting for speed and security, dedicated Australian support teams, and potential to boost school productivity by reducing time spent on roll marking.

How is Xuno's system suited to the Australian Education Sector?

Xuno’s attendance management system is designed keeping in mind the unique needs of the Australian education sector. It not only aids in managing student attendance but also provides insights into attendance patterns, trends, and individual student’s attendance records.

How can Xuno's software help streamline the roll marking process?

With Xuno’s roll marking system, schools can say goodbye to time-consuming manual roll marking. The software offers a simpler, technology-driven solution assuring accuracy and saving time, making it an optimal choice for schools in Australia.