Spearheaded by Accelerus (Reporting and Assessment) and GradeXpert (Analytics)
we integrate best-in-breed school software products under a single all-in-one framework.
XUNO is the only school management platform that is a cluster of truly expert systems.

Student Data Maps

With Xuno Student Maps, staff can enter and view student assessment data for any time period for any type of assessment. Access data from previous years, and graphically track progress and learning achievements by student, cohort, year level or for the whole school, making it easy to identify students needing extension or assistance.

Graphically track school, cohort and student progress and achievement over time, view distribution of results, add teacher comments, show growth and effect size and more.

Customisable assessments, colour-coded results, calculated results, comments entry and more, make Student Maps an immensely powerful and valuable data tracking tool.

Module also available separately under the GradeXpert brand.
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student data maps

Continuous Reporting

With XUNO Continuous Reporting, teachers can set assignments, tasks and projects for their students. Students can upload their work, ask questions, provide feedback and review their assessments. And parents can monitor activities through their portal.

And when it comes to the end of term or end of semester, teachers can simply transfer their assessments, comments and marks onto a summative report. It’s that easy.
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Summative Reporting

Different jurisdictions have different reporting requirements. With XUNO, this is where we start, not where we end. You see, every school is different. Different culture, different demographics, different but equally valid philosophies and emphases. The Summative Report is a fundamental and permanent record of a student’s progress, and this is well understood by leading educators.

So with XUNO, you can have any graphics, any calculations, any pictures, any style you want. Whatever is in line with your educational philosophies and community expectations. And most customisations can be performed at a fraction of the price that others will charge (for those of you that like tech talk, it’s got to do with the sophistication of the code and the high level language it’s written in).

Across Australia or overseas, public or private, mainstream, or special needs, our reporting is often used to meet the shortfall that schools have within their incumbent systems.Click here for further examples.
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What standard is “at standard”? How excellent is “excellent”? Without the context of a rubric such concepts are entirely subjective. With XUNO rubrics, your school can represent the learning benchmarks in a transparent and communicable way. To students, to parents, to colleagues.

Whatever the presentation format, your school can implement its prevailing philosophy with ease.
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Assessment Data Tracking

With XUNO Assessment Data Tracking, your school can assess progress against over 150 tests and growing. And not just at one point in time, but across a range. Teachers can identify students that need extension, students that need assistance and those that are on track. Your school can analyse results per student, per class, per cohort, per school if necessary. The resolution is up to you.

Accurate and timely information is the bedrock of effective teaching. That’s why the most agile, nimble and efficient teaching groups use XUNO Assessment Data Tracking.

A stitch in time saves nine.
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Behaviour and Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is the most important responsibility of any school. Beyond performance, beyond grades – these count for nought in comparison to how a student feels within themselves, and how this manifests in their behaviour patterns – both positive and negative.

XUNO’s wellbeing and behaviour systems allow staff to have clear insight on each student. Skilled educators and pastoral care professionals need accurate and timely information so that they can make appropriate and individualised adjustments to how a student is best supported and nurtured.

We get this. And we give schools the tools to do what they need with the capability to customise the system on their own.

XUNO gives you an effortless and customisable notification system, allowing you to easily and efficiently keep everyone in the loop, keeping confidentially and privacy paramount.
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School Wide Positive Behaviour Analysis

Through our behaviour and wellbeing systems, we help your school to take an individualised approach to each student. But what about patterns that one can’t see without looking at the data as a whole?

With XUNO’s trailblazing School Wide Behaviour Analysis tool, your school can drill down in to the location, timing, severity and many other aspects of student behaviour.

It could be that there is an issue with bad behaviour at recess, within a particular location. Once identified, corrective action can be taken – for example adjusting staffing or restricting access to a particular location.

All this is possible with XUNO.
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Achievements and Awards

Drive positive behaviour - record academic and sporting achievements, good citizenry, empathetic actions, compassion and more. XUNO even keeps track of merit points so that you can easily identify students who are next in line for recognition.

Creating stunning awards for use with XUNO is so easy. Unleash your own creativity with templates in Microsoft Word, using the school’s own branding and any other artistic flourish that comes to mind. It's simple and easy, and all awards are stored with each student's profile.
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Learning and Career Plans

Use XUNO’s form building tools to create a custom set of Learning Plans and Behaviour Plans. These can be applied to specific students and revised easily.

Parents are able to download plans in a formatted document that carries your school’s branding and presents information in an organised and appealing manner.

Learning and Career Plans are easy to use and if you choose, they can even be provided to parents via their portal, keeping collective aims and lines of communication clear and effortless.
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Goals Management System

We are Australia’s leaders in providing high resolution tools that increase the effectiveness of individualised teaching. That’s why we are so successful in schools where teaching is particularly challenging.

We have developed our Goals Management System in step with some prominent and passionate schools who strive to give students an education that works with their individual ability - focusing on progress rather than performance.

Goals may be individually crafted or drawn from a bank of goals and customised. Goal tracking can be shared between teachers allowing for cooperative monitoring of student progress. Graphic visualisations of current progress clearly show each student’s strengths and challenges and assists in defining appropriate goals across learning areas.

A full history of student goals is also maintained, which means progress can be viewed over any period of time.

The powerful Goals Management system also produces comprehensive and appealing reports for parents without duplication of effort, which can be also be made available in their online portal.
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Roll Marking

XUNO has the most user friendly and intuitive roll marking system around. When roll marking is quick and easy, it allows staff to focus their time on teaching, as well as freeing up admin staff’s time.

No more data entry from a paper roll, even when relief teachers or specialist teachers are marking attendance. Staff can login to the website to mark the roll, or open the app on their phone or tablet.

Quickly communicate with parents when a student is absent without explanation and save time by marking the roll from the same place you read the message sent by parents.
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Budgeting and Purchase Orders

With XUNO purchase order and budgeting your staff can keep on top of financial affairs with the minimum of fuss. Either stand alone or fully integrated, our Budgeting and Purchase Order modules allow Business Managers to keep everything in order, and report back automatically to selected Departmental systems (where permissible).
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Budgeting and Purchase Order

Event Management

Wishing you had a better handle on managing events and payments? XUNO gives you the ability to have staff create events like excursions and camps, get them approved by your business manager or leadership and spread the word to the parents and students quicker than ever.

With the online Events feature, parents can also approve their student’s involvement electronically – saving you paper and human effort. Create and print listings of students to see who is yet to be approved or to make a payment, and create the paper reports that some Education Departments require you to have at hand when taking students off the school premises.
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Fees and Payments

XUNO allows for secure payments via VISA or Mastercard, at any time with a real time transaction report available at the click of a button.

Use the Fees and Payments system for collecting voluntary school fees, materials levies, excursion levies and so much more. The possibilities are endless and the time you’ll save by allowing parents to pay online will not go unnoticed.
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School Calendars

Keep parents, students and staff in the loop with unlimited school calendars. Create calendars just for exams, or for excursions and assign the colour and permissions – it’s that easy!

XUNO also contains a notification system that allows you to decide who gets emailed and who gets a mobile app notification about any particular calendar item.

Subscribe to the XUNO calendars in your preferred calendar app making it easier than ever to ensure your XUNO calendars and personal calendar are easy to coordinate.
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Daily Organisation

Discover how easy Daily Organisation can be with XUNO.

Change rooms, allocate teachers, notify students and staff in a few simple clicks. Make pending changes until you’re satisfied with them all – before publishing them and notifying people.

No more need for messy staff room white boards or hard copies of timetables going missing from the pin board – everything in one place means no duplication of work and less confusion.

XUNO will keep in mind if the staff member has been under allocated, or they’re only available on certain days, as well as the number of extras left, how many periods they have in lieu and how many extras they’ve taken in the last 10 days.
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First Aid and Sick Bay

Create an easy to fill out, electronic form for use in the Sick Bay or for First Aid.

Teachers and other staff can then eliminate the need to fill out numerous paper forms as this all-in-one system can be done just the once. From here, XUNO automatically creates a letter to be printed to go home with the student, and/or provides electronic communication to parents and others via the app, an email or an SMS. The group of people who will be notified of an injury or sick bay visit can be customised and optimised. This way, relevant information goes to the right people – and of course, important privacy and confidentiality is maintained.
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Parent Interview Bookings

Parents can book and manage Parent Teacher Interviews online via the app, anywhere, at any time. It takes less than 5 minutes for schools to setup and even less for a parent to make the bookings!

Staff and administrators can manage bookings, request interviews, block-out times, print listings and upload school maps for parents.
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Contactless Sign In / Out Kiosks

Use the XUNO Kiosk to sign-in and sign-out fast without touching it – no more paper sign-in books and plastic badges.

Covid-safe, intuitive and easy-to-use for students, visitors, contractors and staff.

Automatically print passes and/or send passes via SMS. It can even mark student rolls or restrict sign-outs.

Keep track of who is in your school, their role and work, and get instant access to emergency evacuation reports. You can create barcodes for your student and staff ID cards or just have students search for their name.

Have all the convenience of a sign in kiosk without the hefty price tag – even install on existing iPads.

And you’re not locked in to one photography company or one sign-in technology. We’re here to help, and to help keep your choices open.
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Library Management

Manage your school library with Xuno Library. Create and search book lists, check out books, SMS parents or students for overdue book returns, plus detailed reporting. You can use Xuno library as a standalone system or integrated into Xuno.
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Library Management

SafetyTask OH&S

SafetyTask is an optional online Health and Safety system created so that schools like yours can keep on top of workplace Health and Safety requirements easily and effectively.

You and your colleagues can access relevant Health and Safety data, forms, and resources online, from anywhere, at anytime. Reducing paperwork, saving time and effort, and of course, helping you manage critical risks effectively.

SafetyTask has been designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand regulatory environments. We continually update the system to enable you to keep up with your current Health and Safety obligations, and to apply best practice in contemporary Health and Safety Process and Procedures.
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SafetyTask 1
SafetyTask 2

Parent and Student Portal

The Portal is seamlessly integrated with XUNO, giving parents and students 24/7 access to school and learning information.

Parents and students can view their progress, current reports and download a complete history.

A student’s attendance appears live as soon as the roll is marked! Attendance history and graphs provide an insight into issues, truancy and emerging difficulties. Parents can respond to unexplained absences instantly in the mobile app.

Parents can easily see the work their children have been assigned, when it’s due, feedback, and what the grade is. XUNO helps them do all of that with ease, plus much more.
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iOS / Android Mobile Apps

Staff and Parent mobile apps make keeping up with school communications simple and effective.

Upload photos from school camps, newsletters, excursion details, student reports and more, and the parents can see it all within the app.

Everything in one place – say goodbye to managing multiple different accounts for staff and parents.
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SMS, Email and Push Notifications

Send real time notifications to the whole school, or have instant message conversations with parents or students in the class.

Use SMS, app notifications or good old fashioned email. Communicate to individuals, groups, cohorts or even the whole school.

Parents can receive emails with attachments – no unnecessary logins to other systems, when all the information is right there.
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SMS and Push Notifications

Instant Messaging

Easily engage in 2-way communications with parents and other staff members with Xuno instant messaging, built right into Xuno and the parent app.
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Instant Messaging

Online Student Reports and Results

Communicate with parents via continuous, formative and summative reports using the nation’s best reporting software.

XUNO is the only school management system with Accelerus Reporting built in.

Through our Accelerus specialised reporting system, we have been dealing with school reports for over 20 years. We have worked with countless education leaders, helping to design and build reports that are not only informative and engaging for families, but are also easy for teachers to work with. Really easy. No more repetitive cut and pastes and waiting and waiting on whirly wheels. Plus the Report Administration team will breathe a sigh of relief at the reduction in their workload.

The possibilities are endless – we can help you produce reports that represent your school – using your branding with completely customisable designs.

Every school is unique and your reports should present the personality, culture and style of your school and your community. One size definitely does not fit all.
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News and Announcements

Distribute news and events to parents and students, send out newsletters and daily bulletins, share school or faculty calendars and more. You can restrict who sees what, or give everyone access.

Staff can upload news items right from their mobile app, or log into the website to create them.

Attach any type of file – images, PDFs, mp3s, videos, hyperlinks, etc, for an easy and fun way to let the school community see what has been happening and what’s going on.

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