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Schools are vital for the growth of young people; they provide a safe space where they can learn social, educational, and practical skills. We know that school administration staff would rather be putting their effort towards improving outcomes for students than dealing with attendance tracking, managing the school budget, roll cross checking and fee payments.

That’s where Xuno comes into play. Our school management system, personalised to NSW schools, is designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of your school. So, you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on what truly matters – nurturing the future leaders of Australia.

Tailored for the NSW Education Sector

At Xuno, we understand that each school has its unique needs. That’s why our system is customisable to meet the specific requirements of individual schools in New South Wales. Here are a few reasons why Xuno is a cut above the rest:

Compliance with Australian Education Standards: Our software aligns with ACARA standards, keeping you updated with the latest national educational requirements.

Local Data Hosting: We host data on Australian servers for optimal speed and compliance with local privacy laws and data sovereignty requirements.

Australian Support Team: Get help when you need it. Our local Australian support team ensures timely assistance during local working hours.

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A School Management System Everyone Will Love

No matter the size or complexity of a role, Xuno is designed to keep the whole team on the same page. Here are just some of the ways Xuno can help:

Assistant Principals (APs): Xuno equips Assistant Principals with real-time data and communication tools to support student well-being and academic success while fostering cohesive school leadership.

Subject Heads: Xuno empowers Subject Heads to monitor curriculum, track student performance, and enhance teaching strategies, ensuring educational excellence within their departments.

Teachers: With Xuno, educators can efficiently organize lessons, monitor student progress, manage assignments, and maintain effective communication with parents.

IT Managers: Xuno offers a dependable and secure system that seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems, ensuring smooth operations for IT staff.

School Counsellors: For counsellors, Xuno provides tools to monitor student progress, manage appointments, and comprehensively document student interactions.

Parents: Parents benefit from convenient online access to their child’s grades, attendance records, school news, and other essential information.

School Finance Officers: Xuno aids finance officers in efficiently managing budgets, purchase orders,and fee collections, streamlining financial operations.

School Nurses: Xuno assists school nurses in effectively managing first aid and sick bay operations, ensuring the well-being of students.

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Try Xuno Today!

Why continue to juggle multiple tasks when you can have one system that does it all? Say goodbye to administrative headaches and hello to streamlined operations. Any questions? Call us on 1300 067 478, and let’s start revolutionising your school management processes.

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Why Choose Xuno School Management System?

Ready to revolutionise your school management process? Book a free demonstration today - call us on 1300 067 478

Comprehensive Feature Comprehensive Features

Xuno offers a wide range of features including attendance, incident tracking, parent communications, data tracking, continuous and summative reporting and more, providing a complete solution for your school.

Compliance Compliance

Xuno is ST4S compliant, and aligns with ACARA standards, ensuring your school remains updated with the latest state and national educational requirements.

Customisation Customisation

Xuno is highly customisable, allowing you to tweak the software to suit your specific needs. From report designs, student details, assessments and more, Xuno works the way you do.

Local Support Local Support

Xuno's local Australian support team ensures an actual person answers your call, providing expert assistance whenever and wherever needed.

Trusted Australia Wide Trusted Australia-Wide

With a wealth of experience in school management systems, reporting and data analytics, the power of Xuno is harnessed by over 500,000 staff, parents and students.

Free Demos Free Demo

Knowledge is power, so make an informed decision by scheduling a free demo of any of our systems to get a feel of how it can transform your school's operations.

What Our Customers Say About Us
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Review Quote

I highly recommend it!

"Xuno’s support and help has been second to none! I can’t speak highly enough of Xuno and the service that they have provided to Oberon High School. I highly recommend it!"

Joshua Baker - Assistant Principal
Oberon High School
Review Quote

"Xuno Student Maps have been integral to the tracking and achievement of the entire cohort of students at South Melbourne Primary School. As a direct result of using the tool, along with the targetted teaching…More

Noel Creece - Principal
South Melbourne Primary School
Review Quote

It has improved our record keeping, student progress... This resource is helping our staff stay informed and readily access student data – it has improved our record keeping, student progress tracking as well as our…More

Cheryl Van Deursen
Principal, Cranbourne Primary School, VIC
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Talk to us today - we'd love to show you the benefits of Xuno.

Integrated school management system, including data analytics and reporting, or use separately as standalone modules.

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Frequently Asked Questions for School Management System NSW

What is Xuno's School Management System NSW?

Xuno’s School Management System NSW is a comprehensive administrative platform designed to streamline operations and alleviate administrative burdens in schools across New South Wales. The system covers everything from attendance tracking to financial management, making school management a smoother process.

How does Xuno's School Management System NSW enhance administrative efficiency?

Our School Management System NSW simplifies operations by providing an integrated platform for roll-marking, budgeting, internal communication, and more. It also fosters harmony within the school setup by balancing daily tasks, affording staff more time to devote to teaching and learning.

Can Xuno's School Management System also be used outside of New South Wales?

Yes, Xuno extends throughout Australia . Our platform is adaptable and sophisticated enough to cater to the unique requirements presented by schools in any region.

How can schools get started with Xuno's system?

To start your journey with Xuno’s School Management System, you can simply contact us at 1300 067 478. You can also engage with our no-obligation, free demo to get a clearer picture of how our system can transform your school operations.

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