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Schooling is a collective responsibility, and every stakeholder – parents, teachers, and students, play a significant role in shaping a child’s educational journey. As a parent, your role extends beyond just the confines of your home. You have a significant part to play in the school environment. With Xuno’s Parent Portal for School, we provide you a platform to actively participate in your child’s education and overall development. This intuitive and engaging digital platform opens avenues for real-time communication, virtual meetings and updates from school.

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School Parent Apps Australia: Bridging the Gap

Being actively involved in your child’s school life can become challenging considering the constraints of time and distance, especially in a vast and diverse country like Australia. But with Xuno’s Parent Portal for School, we bridge this gap effectively. Whether you are in the bustling city of Sydney, NSW or the scenic locales of Hobart, TAS, you can stay connected with your child’s school activities.

Our parent portal is an easy-to-use, secure online platform that provides you access to real-time information about your child’s progress, attendance, and school updates. Designed keeping in mind the diverse Australian educational landscape, our platform virtually brings the school at your fingertips, all across Australia, whether it’s Melbourne, VIC or Perth, WA. Now, no matter where you are, ensure you are updated with your child’s school activities, homework, and grades.

Engage in direct teacher-parent communication with our instant messaging feature. Join parent-teacher meetings virtually from your home in the culturally rich Adelaide, SA or amidst the wild beauty of Darwin, NT. With Xuno, you get a comprehensive view of your child’s school information, streamlining your involvement with their school.

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Parent Apps for School: Features & Advantages

We believe that parents are key partners in their child’s education journey. Xuno’s Parent Portal provides you the ability to track your child’s academic progress, attendance, and participate in parent-teacher meetings. Our secure and user-friendly platform is customised to serve parent’s needs from all over Australia, including QLD, WA and NSW.

Key features of our Parent Portal include real-time access to student profiles, progress tracker, attendance records, virtual parent-teacher meetings, and instant messaging. You can also view and download reports, make payments for school fees, and be a part of school events. Our platform keeps you updated about the school calendar, ensuring you never miss an important event or deadline.

An additional advantage of our platform is the provision for a parent-teacher interview booking system, making it convenient for you to schedule meetings with teachers. Whether you live in the sunny locales of Gold Coast, QLD or the windswept landscapes of Launceston, TAS, Xuno brings the school to you, nurturing an enriching and engaging learning experience for your child.

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How to Use Xuno’s Parent Portal for School

Easily accessible, intuitive and secure; Xuno’s Parent Portal for School is designed to ensure smooth navigation for all parents. Here are easy steps to guide you on how to use Xuno’s Parent Portal:

  1. Registration: Register using the unique code provided by the school.
  2. Login: Input your login credentials to access the platform.
  3. Home Screen: The dashboard displays an overview of your child’s activities and upcoming events.
  4.  Profile: View your child’s profile, academic progress, attendance records, teacher’s feedback and more.
  5. Communication: Use the messaging feature to communicate with teachers or the school administration. Parents from all over Australia, such as Melbourne, VIC and Perth, WA can stay connected with school staff, irrespective of their physical location.
  6. Payment: Simplify your school-related payments with our secure online payment method.


Frequently Asked Questions
Parent Portal for School in Australia
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What is the Parent Portal for School offered by XUNO?

Xuno offers a secure, user-friendly platform which provides parents in Australia with real-time access to their child’s progress, attendance, and other school updates. This comprehensive portal is designed to facilitate real-time communication, virtual meetings and participation in school events.

How can I use Xuno's Parent Portal for School in Australia?

Using Xuno’s Parent Portal for School starts with registration using a unique code provided by the school. After logging in, parents can explore different features like viewing their child’s progress, attendance records, school updates and the school calendar. Parents can also communicate directly with teachers or the school administration using the messaging feature.

What is the advantage of using Xuno's Parent Portal for School in Australia?

Xuno’s Parent Portal for School provides a comprehensive platform which allows parents to track their child’s academic progress, pay school fees, book parent-teacher meetings and stay updated with school events. It also enables real-time communication with teachers, and offers a smooth and secure transaction method for school-related payments.

Is Xuno's Parent Portal for School secure to use in Australia?

Yes, Xuno’s Parent Portal for School ensures that all your data is stored securely, in compliance with Australian data privacy and protection laws.

How does Xuno's Parent Portal for School bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers in Australia?

Xuno’s Parent Portal for School facilitates instant, real-time communication between parents and teachers across Australia. Even if you live in remote locations in Australia, such as Canberra, ACT, you can still stay connected with school staff, creating a seamless, efficient communication channel.

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Join the Xuno Community Today!

Join hands with hundreds of parents across Australia, from Sydney, NSW to Canberra, ACT who have already upgraded to an easy and effective way of being a part of their child’s education. Our parent portal is much more than just an app; it’s a digital bridge connecting you to your child’s school life. To learn more about us or our services, please feel free to call us at 1300 067 478. Don’t wait, join the Xuno community today, and take a step towards a more engaging and effective parenting journey.

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Why Choose Xuno for Parent Portal for School

Xuno stands proudly as one of Australia's leading school management systems. Our Parent Portal for School is designed to make your involvement in your child's academic journey easy and meaningful. Here's why you should choose Xuno:

Why Choose Icon Ease of Communication

Our platform enables direct, real-time communication between you and your child's teachers.

Why Choose Icon Comprehensive Platform

Access your child's academic reports, attendance records, pay school fees, book parent-teacher meetings, all in one place.

Why Choose Icon User-friendly

Xuno’s Parent Portal has an intuitive interface which is easy to navigate.

Why Choose Icon Security

Our software ensures your data is stored securely, complying with Australian data privacy and protection laws.

Why Choose Icon Customised to Australian Education

Keeping in mind the local education landscape, we have customised features catering specifically to the needs of Australian parents.