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Student Maps

Say goodbye to hundreds of spreadsheets by centralising, organising and analysing all your student data in one place, year after year, ensuring easy access and consistency of data across your whole school.
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Feature & Benefits

Centralised Data Access

Student Maps provide teachers and school leadership with a single place to access every piece of student data, including assessment data from NAPLAN, PAT, DIBELS, Essential Assessment, Fountas & Pinnell, Australian Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum, NSW Syllabus, English and Mathematics Online Interview, Peter Westwood, PROBE, Cold Write, Big Write, attendance and wellbeing data and more.

You can even create your own assessments with almost any marking scheme and apply multiple colour-coding options to any outcome. Add teacher comments and attachments to any assessment, and view previous terms and years data on one page, making it easy to track student progress and identify areas of need.



Track Learning Progress

Show student, class, cohort or whole school growth over time compared to expected achievement levels.

Graph any set of data with a single click, as comparative graphs, progress over time, distribution of results, combined results and more.

Drill-down on graphs to see underlying student data, to easily identify at-risk students.


Classroom Markbooks

Use Student Maps as classroom markbooks, allowing teachers to enter assessment or test outcomes directly into Student Maps, removing the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets.

Teacher-entered data can be automatically colour-coded based on year level, term and semester to easily identify actual student performance compared to expected performance.



Individual Learning Plans, Disability Inclusion Plans and more

Create customisable learning plans or detailed forms, to enter and track individual student needs and goals in any subject area, as well as NCCD data collection, attendance improvement plans, individual education plans, behaviour improvement plans and more.

Add attachments and comments, easily see previous student plans and copy existing plans to other students with similar needs.


Student Semester Reports

Student Maps provides a report designer that allows you to create custom student reports.

Reports can be printed or exported to PDF based on any data included in any student map.

Include student work samples, comments (including comment banks), graphs, attendance data and more.

Reports can be distributed via Xuno or any other school management system.

Ideally suited to primary and middle schools, regardless of size or type of school.

Plus More

  • Create Handover Maps for the start of the new school year to provide teachers with their new students outcomes and comments from the end of the previous year.
  • Record your NCCD data in Student Maps, as well as comments and attachments supporting NCCD students.
  • Enter data directly into maps like a classroom markbook, or import data from other sources, such as Excel spreadsheets or CSV files.
  • Create customisable individual learning plans and any type of interactive form, such as Disability Inclusion Plans, Individual Education Plans, NCCD tracking forms and more.
  • Web-based access with single sign on.
  • Use Student Maps alongside your existing school management system or integrated with Xuno.
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Easily move data between Xuno and dozens of other systems with Xuno’s ever-growing list of integrations.

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"Student Maps have been a fantastic addition to our school for our data collection and use. The ease at which the assessment data can be bulk added and have it available at out teacher’s fingertips…More

Chris Kellett – Principal
Warracknabeal Primary School
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"Of all the great Xuno features, it is the Student Map section that I couldn’t survive without.  It is easy to use and very flexible.  It makes analysing the student data straight forward and ensures…More

Andrew Horsburgh – Assistant Principal
Berwick Primary School
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"Xuno Student Maps have been integral to the tracking and achievement of the entire cohort of students at South Melbourne Primary School. As a direct result of using the tool, along with the targetted teaching…More

Noel Creece – Principal
South Melbourne Primary School
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