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“With triplets started high school the idea of a new app, covering 3 kids in different class and different electives, was daunting. Xuno not only surprised me with how easy it is to use – I have everything in the one place, can pay for events on one bill and access everything I need for school admin and student timetables, events and attendance. All school messaging is in the one place and it has made the transition to high school so much easier. This has been a game changer!”

Port Melbourne Secondary College
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“I would happily recommend Accelerus for producing Student Reports. Teachers find the web version very simple to use and the database has all the advanced features I need as an administrator. The support staff on the help desk are extremely helpful and deal with any issues promptly.”

Pamela Green – ICT Data Administrator
Woodleigh School
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"I have been associated with Accelerus in my role as Director of ICT for over 10 years now. The landscape of student reporting is continually evolving and I have been impressed with Accelerus’ willingness to evolve with it, both in terms of functionality and underlying technology. The support offered through Accelerus Help Desk has been outstanding. Their depth of knowledge of their product and their patience when assisting us during what can be stressful times has been greatly appreciated.”

Ian Steel – Director of ICT
Mazenod College
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"From the moment the flood occurred, we relied on Xuno not only to make initial contact with our families, but to inform them of events, excursions and share general information. We were able to email and send text messages through the Xuno system to provide details and gain permission for excursions and bus travel. We would have been lost without Xuno at this challenging time."

Kate Whitford – Principal
Rochester Primary School
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"We took on the Xuno Purchase order system around 2 years ago after hearing about it from another school.  It has been a huge improvement from our old system which was very clunky.  I love the centralised invoices as you can just bring up an old invoice, clone it to use as a new order.  The Purchase Order System is a real time saver.  I love the editability of it.  Although our staff were initially hesitant to take on a new system, we got great feed-back as they love how simple it was to use and how easy it is to navigate. "

Kirsten Thomas – College Administration
Northern Bay P-12 College
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"Student Maps have been a fantastic addition to our school for our data collection and use. The ease at which the assessment data can be bulk added and have it available at out teacher’s fingertips has been great. Then through the student maps, we can gain a clear visual picture of where students are at with the click of a button. Being able to track our student’s learning growth over time is another great feature and I look forward to our school using Student Maps to be even more targeted in our teaching."

Chris Kellett – Principal
Warracknabeal Primary School
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"Of all the great Xuno features, it is the Student Map section that I couldn’t survive without.  It is easy to use and very flexible.  It makes analysing the student data straight forward and ensures that we are focussing all our energy where it matters the most.

The Student Map feature in Xuno is a unique, yet powerful and flexible way of collecting and manipulating student information and data, enabling us to effectively identify student learning and pinpoint their growth.  We also use the Student Maps for the creation of our student reports and love how we can customise our reports to suit our needs.

Now that we have started using Xuno, I don’t know how we have coped without it. From a school perspective, life is so much easier and productive when we are utilising all the features of Xuno.  The development team at Xuno are always listening to feedback and making improvements.  The parent app has improved the communication between home and school and parents appreciate being able to access their child’s reports at their fingertips via the portal.

Being able to effectively manage our student data has been made a lot easier with the use of Xuno’s Student Maps.  We are able to analyse our data to ensure that our focus is at the point of need of our students.  It is then a simple process to track the growth of our students.  This feature has been particularly useful throughout the Tutor Learning Initiative.

Xuno is my best friend and each day I get to know my friend a little better.  A large proportion of my day is spent using the many great features of Xuno, whether that is student data management, attendance, student reports, the recording of incidents or ILP creation.  It’s great how the program is always being updated in response to feedback and if I do ever have any issues I know that I will receive prompt, expert support from the Xuno team."

Andrew Horsburgh – Assistant Principal
Berwick Primary School
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"Since our transition to Xuno, we have had several staff comment on their experience with Xuno and the time they have saved using it compared with our previous SIS. In Xuno, we have a Student Information System that makes student information accessible for staff and parents and provides quick and easy communication with families connected with our school.

Xuno's team has been flexible and taken on several suggestions from our school which are now implemented in their system. Their support team knows their product well, and it doesn't matter who we speak with, we're confident that we will get a quick resolution when needed. Xuno has made custom integrations for us to connect with our digital enrolment system (DigiStorm), worked with our IT team to create new API's and worked with our Admin team to ensure student data is relevant and easy to manage."

Cameron Clare – IT Manager
Victory Christian College
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"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your unwavering support – reports were printed and uploaded to DocMan without a hitch. Moving to Accelerus was the best decision we have made, reports look amazing, the process was seamless and will be so much easier going forward as we get our MySBC infrastructure correct. Your support has been amazing right throughout and I really can’t thank you and the team enough!

Amazing - this is so helpful and saves me so much time thank you!!!"

Paul Menta
St Bernard's College, VIC
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"Xuno Student Maps have been integral to the tracking and achievement of the entire cohort of students at South Melbourne Primary School. As a direct result of using the tool, along with the targetted teaching it affords, we have achieved outstanding results in NAPLAN over the last two years. We have, in fact, defied gravity during the COVID period. Where most schools struggled, we have continued to excel. This is in no small part to the use of Student Maps. It is so malleable and transferrable to varied contexts. Once the initial learning curve is achieved, the sky is the limit with what you can do. We are proud users of the software and will continue to be so."

Noel Creece – Principal
South Melbourne Primary School
Review Quote

I highly recommend it!

"Xuno’s support and help has been second to none! I can’t speak highly enough of Xuno and the service that they have provided to Oberon High School. I highly recommend it!"

Joshua Baker – Assistant Principal
Oberon High School
Review Quote

It has improved our record keeping, student progress...

This resource is helping our staff stay informed and readily access student data – it has improved our record keeping, student progress tracking as well as our communication of student behaviour and well-being.

This resource is helping our staff stay informed and readily access student data – it has improved our record keeping, student progress tracking as well as our communication of student behaviour and well-being.

Cheryl Van Deursen
Principal, Cranbourne Primary School, VIC