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Visitor Kiosks

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Track visitors, parents, students and contractors with the integrated Xuno Kiosk

  • The Xuno Kiosk allows students, parents, visitors, contractors and staff to sign in and out fast – no more paper sign-in books and plastic badges.
  • The kiosk is fully integrated into the Xuno suite, so anything entered into the kiosk is available in real-time in Xuno.
  • Automatically print visitor passes and/or send QR passes to visitors via SMS or Xuno App.
  • Passes can be printed for late arrivals to hand to a classroom teacher. Late arrivals are displayed immediately in the teacher’s attendance page.
  • Keep track of who is in your school, their role and work, and get instant access to emergency evacuation reports.
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  • Create barcodes or QR codes for your student and staff ID cards or just have students search for their name.
  • Add COVID and Child Safe information onto the kiosk for easy access by staff, parents, contractors and visitors.
  • Visitors with WWCC numbers are verified in real time.
  • Contactless technology (patent pending) allows you to sign in or out on your mobile phone and simply present a Xuno QR code on your phone to the kiosk.
  • Choose from different size kiosks to meet your needs – floor standing or desktop, or BYO hardware (iPad, optional stand and optional printer).
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School Visitor Management System in Australia

In the hustle and bustle of daily school life, the daily coming and going of staff, students, parents, and visitors demand seamless management of access. Our school visitor management system can manage a high volume of visitors to support schools across the country. Specifically designed with Australian schools in mind, Xuno caters to accurate, efficient, and streamlined school visitor management for schools across Australia.

School Visitor Kiosks: The Gateway to Your School

Our school visitor kiosk solution supports institutions maintaining a welcoming, yet secure environment. The Xuno school visitor kiosk is designed for quick sign-ins and sign-outs, enabling schools to keep track of the visitor flow without a hitch. Our state-of-the-art software solution easily adapts to the traffic, acting as a secure gatekeeper to your school.

Our school visitor kiosks provide real-time data, which keeps your records up to date, whether you need a routine headcount or an emergency evacuation process. Streamlining visitor check-ins and check-outs in schools across Australia has never been this simple or efficient.


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School Visitor Software: Managing School Community Interactions

School visitor software is not just about controlling access. It’s also about managing interactions within the school community. Considering the significance of community involvement in Australian schools, from school picnics in Tasmania, TAS, to parent-teacher meet-ups in Queensland, QLD, having an efficient system to manage these interactions is beneficial.

The Xuno’s school visitor software aids in creating comprehensive profiles of recurring visitors, including parents, alumni, or part-time staff. The features of our software encourage community interaction, while maintaining the necessary safety procedures. Whether a parent needs to schedule an appointment with a teacher, or a contracted IT expert needs to attend a routine equipment check, our software has got it covered.

The automatic notification feature ensures the right staff members are alerted of the visitor’s presence right on time. In a nutshell, our school visitor software serves as a diligent facilitator helping Australian schools to operate smoothly.

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Why Choose Xuno for School Visitor Management System in Australia?

From keeping check on visitor access to facilitating community interaction, our school visitor management system has been crafted considering the specific needs of Australian schools. Here’s why Xuno’s solution stands out:

  • A comprehensive visitor management solution, including a contactless sign-in/out kiosk, that caters to schools from NSW to WA.
  • Local data hosting, aligning the software with Australian privacy laws and data sovereignty requirements.
  • Free demo for you to experience how Xuno fits into your school before investing in it.
  • An Australian support team who understands your needs and provides timely assistance.

The hands-free experience provided by our visitor kiosk, aligns with current safety measures such as social distancing norms. It’s time to embrace the convenience offered by technology in managing your school operations, whether you’re in TAS, NT or VIC.

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How To Implement A School Visitor Management System?

Our school visitor management system is crafted to ensure easy and hassle-free implementation. Our team will guide you step by step, from initial set up to the final rollout. Your school location, whether it’s in SA, NSW or QLD, will not be a barrier as our support team is well-equipped to provide remote assistance.

We also provide resources and tutorials at your disposal to aid you and your school staff in efficient operation of the system. To fetch one step further, we also offer training sessions to ensure the full potential of our software is harnessed by your team.

Frequently Asked Questions
School Visitor Management System in Australia
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What is a School Visitor Management System in Australia?

A School Visitor Management System in Australia, like Xuno’s solution, is specifically designed for Australian schools to manage access and visitor flow with accuracy and efficiency. It caters to seamless management of daily access by staff, students, parents, and visitors, streamlining visitor check-ins and check-outs.

How does a School Visitor Kiosk work in a School Visitor Management System in Australia?

The School Visitor Kiosk in Xuno’s School Visitor Management System in Australia is designed for quick sign-ins and sign-outs, allowing schools to keep track of visitor flow easily. The system adapts to the traffic and provides real-time data, keeping records up-to-date for headcounts or emergency situations.

How does Xuno's School Visitor Software facilitate community interactions in Australia?

Xuno’s School Visitor Software in Australia manages both access control and community interactions within schools. It helps create comprehensive profiles of recurring visitors, schedules appointments, and facilitates parent-teacher meet-ups. It also comes with an automatic notification feature to alert the right staff members about the visitor’s presence.

Why should I choose Xuno for a School Visitor Management System in Australia?

Xuno offers a comprehensive visitor management solution that caters to the specific needs of Australian schools. It comes with a contactless sign-in/out kiosk, aligns with Australian privacy laws and data sovereignty requirements, and provides a free demo. Plus, it’s backed by an Australian support team.

How can I implement a School Visitor Management System in Australia?

Xuno ensures easy and hassle-free implementation of its School Visitor Management System in Australia. They guide you step by step, from initial set up to the final rollout, providing resources, tutorials, and training sessions. Their support team can offer remote assistance, so your school’s location will not be a barrier.

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Upgrade Your School's Visitor Management System Today!

Embrace the revolution in school visitor management systems and transform the way your school operates. Place a call through to 1300 067 478 and let’s start a conversation about how Xuno’s school visitor management system can benefit your school in Australia. From schools in bustling NSW to serene TAS, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a free demo today and begin the journey toward an upgraded visitor management system.