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Xuno School Management System

Xuno is a powerful and easy-to-use School Management System that gives you complete control over all aspects of your school, including attendance, incidents, reporting, data tracking, parent communications and more. The Xuno Family App is also the top-rated parent app in the country!
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Feature & Benefits

Student Attendance

Xuno has the most user friendly and intuitive roll marking system around. When roll marking is quick and easy, it allows staff to focus their time on teaching, as well as freeing up admin staff’s time.

No more data entry from a paper roll, even when relief teachers or specialist teachers are marking attendance. Staff can login to the website to mark the roll, or open the app on their phone or tablet.

Quickly communicate with parents when a student is absent without explanation,  and view their responses from the Parent App directly in the Xuno attendance screen. Parents can also request an absence for a future date using the Parent App.

Export attendance details in multiple formats for easy import into other systems.


Event Management

Wishing you had a better handle on managing events and payments? Xuno gives you the ability to create events like excursions and camps, get them approved by your business manager or leadership and spread the word to the parents and students quicker than ever.

With the online Events feature, parents can also approve and pay for their student’s involvement electronically – saving you paper and human effort. Create printouts of students to see who is yet to be approved or to make a payment, and create paper reports when taking students off the school premises.

Online Payments

Online Payments, Permissions and Forms

Xuno allows for secure online payments (such as voluntary or mandatory school fees, excursion levies and more) from parents at any time via the Xuno Parent Portal or Parent App, with real time transaction reports available to the school at the click of a button.

Parents can also complete custom forms or questionnaires online, and digitally provide permission for students to participate in events.


Parent App

Parent Communications and Parent App

The integrated Xuno Parent Portal and Parent App (the top-rated school app in the country!) gives parents and students 24/7 access to school and learning information, all in one place.

Parents and students can view learning progress, semester reports, attendance information, timetables, newsletters and news items, school calendars and more. Parents can easily see the work their children have been assigned, due dates, teacher feedback and grades. Parents can also respond to unexplained absences instantly in the mobile app and request future absences.

Send real time notifications with attachments (push messages, SMS or emails) to individuals, groups, cohorts or even the whole school, or have instant message conversations with parents or students in the class. Easily access the history of communications with parents in one place.


Incident Recording and Management

Xuno’s wellbeing and behaviour systems allow staff to easily record customisable incident details within Xuno or on-the-go within the Xuno Teacher App. Record details of negative incidents, sick bay visits, positive incidents and more.

Automatically notify teachers, school leadership and/or parents as soon as an incident is entered, easily keeping everyone in the loop.

Multiple options for graphical analysis of incidents over any time period allow staff to easily highlight areas of need in student wellbeing.

School Calendars

Keep parents, students and staff in the loop with unlimited school calendars. Create calendars just for exams, or for excursions and assign colours and permissions – it’s that easy!

Xuno also contains a notification system that allows you to decide who gets emailed and who gets a mobile app notification about any particular calendar item.

Subscribe to any Xuno calendar using your preferred calendar app, like Outlook calendar, Google calendar or Apple calendar, making it easier than ever to ensure your Xuno calendars and personal calendar are always in sync.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents can book and manage Parent Teacher Interviews online via the Xuno Parent App, anywhere, at any time. It takes less than 5 minutes for schools to set up and even less for a parent to make the bookings!

Staff and administrators can manage bookings, request interviews, block-out times, print listings and upload school maps for parents, and parents can request translators to be present if needed.

Visitor Kiosks

Visitors, contractors, parents, students and staff can quickly sign in or out on the integrated Xuno Kiosk – no more paper sign-in books and plastic badges or standalone kiosks.

Automatically print passes and/or send passes via SMS. You can even mark student rolls or restrict sign-outs. Keep track of who is on your school grounds at any time so you can access accurate emergency evacuation reports.

Use your own hardware (iPad, printer, stand) or use Xuno-provided hardware, and set up as many kiosks as needed at your school to cover all entry and exit points.

Achievements and Awards

Drive positive behaviour by recording academic and sporting achievements, good citizenry, empathetic actions, compassionate actions and more. Xuno even keeps track of merit points awarded so that you can easily identify students who are next in line for recognition.

Xuno can automatically generate student certificates using Word templates, including school branding, to recognise student achievement.

Newsletters and Newsfeed

Distribute news and events to parents and students, send out newsletters and daily bulletins, share school or faculty calendars and more via the Xuno Parent App. You can restrict who sees what, or give everyone access.

Staff can upload news items right from their mobile app, or log into the website to create them. Integrate Canvas presentations directly within the Xuno Parent App newsfeed.

Attach any type of file – images, PDFs, mp3s, videos, hyperlinks, etc, for an easy and fun way to let the school community see what has been happening at your school.

Daily Organisation

Discover how easy Daily Organisation can be with Xuno. Change rooms, allocate teachers, notify students and staff in a few simple clicks. Make pending changes until you’re satisfied with them all – before publishing them and notifying people.

No more need for messy staff room white boards or hard copies of timetables going missing from the pin board – everything in one place means no duplication of work and less confusion.

Xuno will know if the staff member has been under allocated, or they’re only available on certain days, as well as the number of extras left, how many periods they have in lieu and how many extras they’ve taken in the last 10 days.

Plus More

  • Unified Calendar View
  • Customisable Staff Dashboards and Class Lists
  • Scheduled Programs for extracurricular classes, music lessons, after school care and more.
  • Timetable integrations with EdVal, Timetabling Solutions and Human Edge.
  • Assets and Key Management
  • Room and Resource Bookings
  • Bus Route Management
  • Student Maps Data Analytics Platform (optional module)
  • Accelerus Reporting (optional module)
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Easily move data between Xuno and dozens of other systems with Xuno’s ever-growing list of integrations.

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  • App Ratings & Reviews4.6 out of 5
Review Quote

“With triplets started high school the idea of a new app, covering 3 kids in different class and different electives, was daunting. Xuno not only surprised me with how easy it is to use –…More

Port Melbourne Secondary College
Review Quote

"Since our transition to Xuno, we have had several staff comment on their experience with Xuno and the time they have saved using it compared with our previous SIS. In Xuno, we have a Student…More

Cameron Clare – IT Manager
Victory Christian College
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I highly recommend it!

"Xuno’s support and help has been second to none! I can’t speak highly enough of Xuno and the service that they have provided to Oberon High School. I highly recommend it!"

Joshua Baker – Assistant Principal
Oberon High School
Review Quote

It has improved our record keeping, student progress... This resource is helping our staff stay informed and readily access student data – it has improved our record keeping, student progress tracking as well as our…More

Cheryl Van Deursen
Principal, Cranbourne Primary School, VIC
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Integrated school management system, including data analytics and reporting, or use separately as standalone modules.

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Comprehensive Feature Comprehensive Features

Xuno offers a wide range of features including student data tracking, continuous and summative reporting, and wellbeing and behaviour systems, among others, providing a complete solution for your school.

Compliance Compliance

Xuno aligns with ACARA standards, ensuring your school remains updated with the latest national educational requirements.

Customisation Customisation

Xuno is highly customisable, allowing you to tweak the software to suit your specific needs.

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Xuno's local Australian support team ensures assistance whenever and wherever needed.

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To ensure your satisfaction, Xuno offers a free demo so you can get a feel of how it can transform your school's operations.

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With a wealth of experience in school management systems, the power of Xuno is harnessed by over 500,000 staff, parents and students.